CoinFeel AirDrop #1

We have great news for you guys!

We are proudly announcing the first AirDrop in which we are giving away great prizes and opportunities to grow with us.

This AirDrop will consist in 250 CFEEL Tokens for the first 20.000 participants.
Once the airdrop reaches 20000 participants it will be closed!
AirDrop participants can claim their AirDrop reward right after the participation will be closed.

Regardless, we will always be here for you guys, the community.

Email Address
After this, a confirmation email will be sent to your email account in order to confirm your identity.
1. You must fill out this form with accurate information.
2. You must do all that is requested on this form in order to secure your spot.
3. Any individual found violating/duplicating entries will be permanently blacklisted from ALL airdrops.
4. Like our posts and share them on your social handles.

We ask that you please truth fully and accurately fill out the information below to reserve your spot in the airdrop. All forms will be background checked upon completion to verify authenticity. Any and all individuals found violating/falsifying forms will be terminated from airdrop inclusion.
No questions asked.

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